Our first product utilizing LOOP™ Technology: The EPILOOP™ Procedure

Spinal Stenosis is the largest single-growing patient demographic in the spine market. 
By the year 2020, it is projected the number of patients diagnosed with spinal stenosis will double to 2.4 million. This represents a substantial opportunity for practitioners who diagnose and treat these patients. 

The Pioneer's of LOOP TechnologY

Demonstration of Loop Technology

"One of The most significant advancements in the spine in the last 50 years." - World Renowned Spine surgeon

- DR. Katsuro Tomita, Professor emeritus, Kanazawa University  

... A game changer in the field of spinal surgery and pain management.

The EPILOOP™ Procedure improves the Seldinger Technique through our patent-pending LOOP™ technology which captures the distal end of the guide wire in the epidural space using two needles instead of one. The innovative spin on a traditional procedure has limitless potential. In fact, SpineLOOP™ has several products on the horizon incorporating LOOP technology including MRI Compatible SCS leads and advanced kyphoplasty devices.