Introducing the EPILOOP™ Procedure to treat Spinal Stenosis

the Minimally invasive solution for millions of patients

who have failed conservative treatment but are not surgical candidates

LOOP Technology Animation

For doctors, the EPILOOP™ Kit offers clear clinical advantages over existing products: 

  • LOOP™ technology provides access to the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) within minutes, as opposed to traditional open surgery,
  • Unparalleled control and safety of propriety medical tools and devices placed along the entire length of the spine.
  • Easy learning curve

The Pioneer's of LOOP TechnologY

For patients, the The EPILOOP™ Procedure is second to none:

Provides a true minimally invasive experience for several types of pathologies:

  • Shorter procedure time, hospital stay and recovery
  • Potential for outpatient / same day discharge
  • Minimal to no bleeding during surgery or postoperatively
  • Procedure performed completely under local and does not require general anesthesia
  • Decompresses the spine in a safe 30-minute out-patient procedure
  • Increased canal size with minimal soft tissue damage resulting in a "scarless surgery"